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Student association

VIB is your faculty's students’ union.
VIB organises activities like excursions, gatherings and lectures. An important reason to sign up as a member of VIB is the discount on textbooks. It's easy to sign up while ordering books.
See you at VIB!
Boeken reserveren bij de studievereniging

VIB offers a 10% discount on Dutch studybooks!

It is uncommon for Dutch studybooks to be sold with a discount. But at VIB, you can buy Dutch studybooks at the start of every term with a 10% discount. You will receive the books directly after the date mentioned on our website. That is always before the lectures start or at the end of the first week of lectures.

Only at VIB you can buy Dutch studybooks this cheap!
Reserveer je Nederlandstalige studieboeken en profiteer van 10% korting!


Leden krijgen op Nederlandstalige boeken 10% korting.
Je moet dan wel aan het begin van de periode reserveren.

Kijk of het nog kan en profiteer ook.

Lees het emailbericht dat je krijgt zorgvuldig!
Why VIB?

VIB offers: Lowest price guarantee

VIB offers: Money back guarantee

VIB offers: Maximum discount

VIB offers: Second hand Textbooks selling

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