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Order below in a few clicks through all the textbooks for your study at the Free University. For home deliveries, you can pay with either Ideal or credit card. You can also choose to pick up the order in the VU Boekhandel. Order before 17:00 and your order will be shipped the same day! (on weekdays)

Bachelor FBW - Aarde en Economie

Bachelor FBW - Aardwetenschappen

Bachelor FBW - Biologie

Bachelor FBW - Biomedical Science

Bachelor FBW - Business Analytics

Bachelor FBW - Computer Science

Bachelor FBW - Gezondheid en Leven

Bachelor FBW - Gezondheidswetenschappen

Bachelor FBW - Informatie, Multimedia, Management

Bachelor FBW - Lifestyle Informatics

Bachelor FBW - Mathematics

Bachelor FBW - Medische Natuurwetenschappen

Bachelor FBW - Science, Business and Innovation

Minor FBW - Brain and Mind

Minor FBW - Business Analytics

Minor FBW - Communicatie over Gezondheid

Minor FBW - Deep Programming

Minor FBW - Earth & Climate

Minor FBW - Earth Surface

Minor FBW - Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

Minor FBW - Five Big Issues in Health

Minor FBW - Geology & Geochemistry

Minor FBW - Global Health

Minor FBW - National Geo Information Minor

Minor FBW - Neurosiences

Minor FBW - SBI voor Science studenten

Minor FBW - Sustainability

Minor FBW - Topics in Biomedical Sciences

Minor FBW - Verdiepende (biomedische) wiskunde

Minor FBW - Web Services and Data

Master FBW - Artificial Intelligence

Master FBW - Bioinformatics

Master FBW - Biomedical Sciences

Master FBW - Biomolecular Sciences

Master FBW - Business Analytics

Master FBW - Computer Science

Master FBW - Drug Discovery and Safety

Master FBW - Earth Sciences

Master FBW - Ecology

Master FBW - Environment and Resource Management

Master FBW - Global Health

Master FBW - Health Sciences

Master FBW - Hydrology

Master FBW - Information Sciences

Master FBW - Managem., Policy-Anal. & Entrepren.

Master FBW - Mathematics

Master FBW - Medical Natural Sciences

Master FBW - Neurosciences

Master FBW - Parallel and Distributed Comp. Syst.

Master FBW - Science, Business and Innovation

Master FBW - Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

Bachelor - Bewegingswetenschappen

Bachelor - Pedagogische Wetenschappen

Bachelor - Psychologie

Universitaire Pabo

Minor FGB - Bouw Werking Sturing Bewegingssysteem

Minor FGB - Genes, Brain & Behavior

Minor FGB - Gezin, recht & forensische gedragswet.

Minor FGB - Gezondheid

Minor FGB - Klinische Leerijn

Minor FGB - Orthopedagogen en passend onderwijs

Minor FGB - Orthopedagogen in Klinische Praktijk

Minor FGB - Pedagogen en goed onderwijs

Minor FGB - Psychomotorische Therapie

Minor FGB - Sociale en Organisatiepsychologie

Minor FGB - Sport- en Prestatiepsychologie

Master FGB - Human Movement Sciences

Master FGB - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Science

Master FGB - Pedagogische Wetenschappen

Master FGB - Psychologie

MScRes Clinical Developmental Psychopathology

MScRes Cognitive Neuropsychology

MScRes Social Psychology

Premaster Bewegingswetenschappen

Premaster Pedagogische Wetenschappen

Bachelor FGW - Archeologie

Bachelor FGW - Communicatie- en Informatiewet.

Bachelor FGW - Filosofie

Bachelor FGW - Geschiedenis

Bachelor FGW - Griekse en Latijnse T&C

Bachelor FGW - History and International Studies

Bachelor FGW - Literature and Society: English

Bachelor FGW - Literatuur en Samenl.: Nederlands

Bachelor FGW - Media, Kunst, Design en Arch.

Bachelor FGW - Oudheidwetenschappen

Bachelor FGW - Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Minor FGW - Aan de slag met Literatuur

Minor FGW - American Studies

Minor FGW - Amsterdam Urban History

Minor FGW - Antieke cultuur

Minor FGW - Antieke religie in context

Minor FGW - English

Minor FGW - European History and Culture 1200-1800

Minor FGW - Filosofie

Minor FGW - Gender and Diversity

Minor FGW - Geoarcheologie

Minor FGW - Griekse taal en cultuur

Minor FGW - History

Minor FGW - Migration Studies

Minor FGW - Spaans

Minor FGW - Taal en cultuur Oude Nabije Oosten

Minor FGW - Taal en Gehoor

Minor FGW - Vreemde Talen Leren

Master FGW - Archaeology

Master FGW - Classics and Ancient Civilizations

Master FGW - Communicatie- en Informatiewetensch.

Master FGW - Erfgoedstudies

Master FGW - Geschiedenis

Master FGW - Kunst- en Cultuurwetenschappen

Master FGW - Philosophy

Master FGW - Taalwetenschappen

Bachelor - Religiewetenschappen

Bachelor - Theologie, Algemene Godgeleerdheid

Bachelor - Theologie, Godgeleerdheid

Minor GG - Religiewetenschappen

Minor GG - Theologie

Master - Theology & Religious Studies

Bachelor - Economics and Business Economics

Bachelor - Bedrijfskunde

Bachelor - International Business Administration

Bachelor - Econometrics and Operations Research

Bachelor - Econometrics and Data Science

Minor SBE - Accounting, Organizations and Society

Minor SBE - Applied Econometrics

Minor SBE - Entrepreneurship

Minor SBE - Health Care Management

Minor SBE - Real Estate Economics and Finance

Minor SBE - Risk Management Financial Institutions

Minor SBE - Sustainability and Innovation

Master SBE - Accounting & Control

Master SBE - Business Administration

Master SBE - Econometrics and Operations Research

Master SBE - Economics

Master SBE - Entrepreneurship

Master SBE - Finance

Master SBE - Marketing


Bachelor - Bestuurs- en organisatiewetenschap

Bachelor - Communicatiewetenschap

Bachelor - Cultural Anthropology and Development

Bachelor - Politicologie

Bachelor - Sociologie

Minor FSW - Anthropology

Minor FSW - Bestuurswetenschap

Minor FSW - Communicatiewetenschap

Minor FSW - Development and Global Challenges

Minor FSW - Organisatiewetenschap

Minor FSW - Political Science

Master FSW - Beleid, Communicatie en Organisatie

Master FSW - Bestuurskunde

Master FSW - Communicatiewetenschap

Master FSW - Culture, Org. and Management

Master FSW - Political Science

Master FSW - Social and Cultural Anthropology

Master FSW - Sociologie

Premaster FSW - Beleid, Com. en Organisatie

Premaster FSW - Bestuurskunde

Premaster FSW - Communicatiewetenschap

Premaster FSW - Culture, Org. and Management

Premaster FSW - Political Science

Premaster FSW - Social and Cultural Anthropology

Premaster FSW - Sociologie

Minor Economics

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