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Bachelor FGW - Archeologie

Bachelor FGW - Communicatie- en Informatiewet.

Bachelor FGW - Filosofie

Bachelor FGW - Geschiedenis

Bachelor FGW - Griekse en Latijnse T&C

Bachelor FGW - History and International Studies

Bachelor FGW - Literature and Society: English

Bachelor FGW - Literatuur en Samenl.: Nederlands

Bachelor FGW - Media, Kunst, Design en Arch.

Bachelor FGW - Oudheidwetenschappen

Bachelor FGW - Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Minor FGW - Aan de slag met Literatuur

Minor FGW - American Studies

Minor FGW - Amsterdam Urban History

Minor FGW - Antieke cultuur

Minor FGW - Antieke religie in context

Minor FGW - European History and Culture 1200-1800

Minor FGW - Geoarcheologie

Minor FGW - Griekse taal en cultuur

Minor FGW - Spaans

Minor FGW - Taal en cultuur Oude Nabije Oosten

Minor FGW - Taal en Gehoor

Minor FGW - Vreemde Talen Leren

Master FGW - Archaeology

Master FGW - Classics and Ancient Civilizations

Master FGW - Communicatie- en Informatiewetensch.

Master FGW - Erfgoedstudies

Master FGW - Geschiedenis

Master FGW - Kunst- en Cultuurwetenschappen

Master FGW - Letterkunde

Master FGW - Philosophy

Master FGW - Taalwetenschappen

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VIB is your faculty's students’ union.
VIB organises activities like excursions, gatherings and lectures. An important reason to sign up as a member of VIB is the discount on textbooks. It's easy to sign up while ordering books.
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