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Bachelor - Bewegingswetenschappen

Bachelor - Pedagogische Wetenschappen

Bachelor - Psychology

Universitaire Pabo

Minor FGB - BWSB

Minor FGB - Clinical Track

Minor FGB - Genes, cognition, and behaviour

Minor FGB - Gezondheid

Minor FGB - Orthopedagogen en passend onderwijs

Minor FGB - Orthopedagogen in Klinische Praktijk

Minor FGB - Pedagogen en goed onderwijs

Minor FGB - Psychomotorische Therapie

Minor FGB - Psychopathology, Health and Prevention

Minor FGB - Social and Organisational Psychology

Minor FGB - Sport en Sportpsychologie

Master FGB - Human Movement Sciences

Master FGB - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Science

Master FGB - Pedagogische Wetenschappen

Master FGB - Psychologie

Master FGB - RM Clinical Developmental Psychopath.

Master FGB - RM Cognitive Neuropsychology

Master FGB - RM Genes in Behaviour and Health

Master FGB - RM Social Psychology

Premaster Human Movement Sciences

Premaster Pedagogische Wetenschappen


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